Storage Insurance

If you are storing your goods then you clearly value these items. Storage is often an extension of your home, garage or attic and it is important to protect your goods while in storage. We have partnered with MiniCo Insurance Agency to offer you specialized low-cost, short-term insurance coverage for your goods while in storage.

Insurance Benefits

Our facility self storage insurance coverage does not cover our storage customer’s goods while in storage so it is important you carry appropriate insurance coverage for your goods. Some of the benefits of carrying storage insurance include:

Storage insurance is available for purchase by new and existing storage customers. Please complete the Tenant Insurance Addendum and return it to the facility at which you are storing your goods to start your MiniCo policy and protect your goods. Should you have any questions regarding storage insurance please call MiniCo’s toll-free customer hotline at 800-544-6464. Please remember if it is worth storing then it is worth insuring!
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