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No two storage customers are alike and each has different needs when it comes to their storage unit. We offer a variety of storage unit options from which you can choose that will provide you with your perfect storage fit.

Why Hardy’s?

You have numerous self storage options from which you can choose; here is why you should choose Hardy’s Self Storage.

Storage Types

Choosing your storage unit is more than just size, and you should take into consideration what type of goods you are storing and how long you anticipate you will need to store them when selecting your unit type.

Storage Features

We understand you are putting your trust in us to keep your goods safe and secure. You will find that all self storage is not created equally, and there is more to storage than simply “empty space” where you store your goods. Our units offer a number of features that will give you peace of mind knowing your goods are safe and secure.

Military Discount

We offer one free month of storage for all of our Military members. If you have served or currently serve our country, we’d like to show you our appreciation for your service to our country.