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*Moving Truck Availability May Vary By Location

Chances are if you rented a storage unit you will need a moving truck to transport your goods to our facility. Hardy’s Self Storage is here to make your transportation woes less stressful by offering our own fleet of moving trucks reserved exclusively for our storage customers. New storage customers can take advantage of our FREE Truck Use at Move-In while existing storage customers can rent our moving trucks at anytime during their tenancy.

Moving Truck Features

Our moving trucks are company-owned, well-maintained and readily available for you to utilize with your move in, around or out of storage. Our moving trucks feature:

15’ & 17’ Moving Trucks

Our medium and medium-to-large moving truck sizes offer large storage capacity to accommodate a single round-trip move for most unit sizes offered at our facilities.

Automatic Transmissions & Power Steering

You might forget you are driving a moving truck with the smooth ride our moving trucks provide.

Air Conditioned / Heated Cabs with Bucket Seats

Seating for 2 with air conditioning and heat for your comfort; not all box truck rentals offer such expected amenities.

Low Decks & Roll-Up Loading Ramps

With low-clearance decks and retractable ramps our moving trucks are designed with the residential user in mind and make for easy loading and unloading.

Wood Floors / Rails & Tie-Downs

Smooth wooden floors and side rails help prevent damage to your goods while side tie-downs can be utilized to keep your goods secure while on the move.

Hand Trucks & Moving Blankets

These valuable add-ons will provide you with a more efficient move and give you an extra layer of protection for your goods.

Moving Truck Rental Details

In order to assist you in budgeting for your moving truck rental we have provided the following charges which you will be responsible for during your moving truck rental; all charges will be reviewed at our facility in detail prior to your moving truck rental:

Truck Deposit

A refundable cash or credit card deposit is required for all moving truck rentals and to guarantee moving truck reservations.

Truck Use

Our standard moving truck rental is valid for 24 hours from the time the moving truck is dispatched, and moving trucks which are not returned by date and time due back will be subject to overtime fees.

Truck Mileage

As with all vehicle rentals there is a mileage fee incurred for moving truck miles driven; however we keep our fee lower than other box truck rentals.

Damage Waiver

Our damage waiver coverage will lower your deductible for any loss or damage to the moving truck while in your possession. Not to be confused with insurance coverage, the damage waiver coverage simply lowers your out-of-pocket cost should you get in an accident not resulting from insufficient height or width clearances.


Our moving trucks are dispatched with a full tank of gasoline and you will be responsible to refill the tank upon your return; any moving truck returned without fill-up and proof of fill-up will be subject to additional refueling fees.

Our moving truck rentals come with a few disclaimers:

Moving truck rentals are based on availability; our moving trucks are limited and not all facilities may offer moving truck rentals - please check the facility location page to determine if moving truck rentals are offered.

Moving truck rentals are only offered to current storage tenants.

Moving truck rentals adhere to all other costs, deposit, documents and rules in accordance with our Truck Rental Agreement.

In order to rent a moving truck you must be at least 21 years of age and provide a valid driver’s license and current driver’s insurance in your name at time of moving truck rental.