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*Storage Features May Vary By Location

Fenced & Paved Exteriors

We offer fully fenced and secured facilities with paved drives. Typically an overlooked feature, a paved drive means a smooth ride, no ruts and easy unloading and loading into and out of your unit without the dust and debris caused by gravel lots.

Professional Pest Control Service

We contract local professional pest control service companies to maintain the perimeter and interior of our facilities on a recurring basis. Bait stations, bait traps and facility insecticide spray treatments provide preventative pest control to keep unwelcome visitors (insects and rodents) out of our buildings and your storage unit.

Ground Level Unit Access

You will be able to drive-up to most of our traditional units, allowing you easy in-and-out access without the use of elevators, lifts or stairs. If you are looking to make your move less stressful and easier you definitely want a ground level unit.

LED Security Lighting

Our facility lighting provides excellent night visibility and will help you feel safe while inside our facilities after dark. Our facilities feature upgraded LED lighting which provides you with a much brighter and crisp “white” light.

Personal Pin Code Gate Entry

You will find keypads with gates or secured entry points at our facilities. We offer convenient daily storage access extended hours from 6am – 10pm by providing you with an individualized pin code.

Central Station Alarm Monitoring

3rd party alarm monitoring keeps our facilities safe and secure outside of our rental center hours. If a unit alarm occurs our response protocol will verify you, your unit and our facility are ok.

Network Video Surveillance (NVR)

We offer the latest IP-based high resolution cameras and NVR backup systems which enable us to securely and remotely monitor our facilities 24/7, ensuring the safety of your stored belongings.

Individual Unit Alarms

As an extra layer of security, individual alarms are installed on every unit door. This means only you will have access to your unit, and when you are not on site at our facility your unit is alarmed. Think of your unit alarm as an alarmed home, much more secure than an unalarmed home which is more prevalent to breaches.

Individual LED Unit Lighting

Interior unit lights will help you navigate the inside of your unit. Our unit lights provide extra visibility beyond our facility security lighting.