Moving Trucks

Chances are if you rented a storage unit you will need a moving truck to transport your goods to our facility. Hardy’s Self Storage is here to make your transportation woes less stressful by offering our own fleet of moving trucks reserved exclusively for our storage customers. New storage customers can take advantage of our FREE Truck Use at Move-In while existing storage customers can rent our moving trucks at anytime during their tenancy.

Moving Truck Features

Our moving trucks are company-owned, well-maintained and readily available for you to utilize with your move in, around or out of storage. Our moving trucks feature:

Moving Truck Rental Details

In order to assist you in budgeting for your moving truck rental we have provided the following charges which you will be responsible for during your moving truck rental; all charges will be reviewed at our facility in detail prior to your moving truck rental:

Our moving truck rentals come with a few disclaimers:

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