Tenant Forms

We have provided the following online storage forms to give you access to some of our more popularly used documents. We have a storage form for just about everything relating to storage so if you don’t see the online storage form you need please contact your nearest Hardy’s Self Storage location for assistance.

New Tenant Information - Residential
New residential storage customers can save time by completing this form prior to their storage rental.

New Tenant Information - Commercial
New commercial storage customers can save time by completing this form prior to their storage rental.

Tenant Insurance Addendum
New storage customers and current tenants can utilize this form to obtain/decline insurance coverage. This form should also be completed when a storage tenant needs to add insurance coverage or change coverage limits on their existing policy.

Change of Tenant Information
Change is constant and when any of the information a storage tenant provides at the time of storage rental changes this is the form that needs to be completed.

Automatic Credit Card Agreement
Never incur a late fee again! Sign up for automatic credit card billing and storage payments are always made on time.

Payment Authorization
When someone other than the storage tenant wishes to make a one-time payment on behalf of said tenant this form needs to be completed.

Tenant Insurance Cancellation
Cancel your current insurance policy with us when you obtain alternate insurance coverage for your stored personal property.

Vacate Notice
We hate to lose a storage tenant but understand storage is often times only temporary. Storage tenants should complete this form by the 20th of whatever month they intend to vacate their unit.
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